Four memorable things to do when you're in Bali


Bali is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. This tropical island paradise is renowned for the eclectic mix of gorgeous white sand beaches, experiences of underwater wonders, unparalleled cultural treasures and luxurious delights catering to young and old alike. It's not surprising why you have trouble setting up a route for your visit to Bali. There are only so many places to visit and things to do. If you could settle well in Bali, you would all the time and opportunity to discover all the little secrets of the island. Suffice to say, most people only have about a week or two to explore Bali. Where do you go with so little time?

Below are some of the best activities in Bali. Sure, they don't even talk about part of what you can see all over the island, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Spa Casa Home, Canggu

Recreate the experience of being spoiled and pampered in a five-star hotel spa with Casa Home Spa home services. If you are relaxing in one of the exclusive villas in the Canggu and Seminyak area, you can order one of their leading therapists to provide you with a long and good finish in your garden by the pool or inside the villa. Therapists are professionals and will go out of their way to make sure you only get the best experience. The mimes are also inexpensive, with their highest massages ranging from $ 18 to $ 20 per person per hour. Be sure to leave a good piece of advice, as a few dollars can mean the value of a food week in Bali. Your therapist will surely deserve it.

Amed Scuba Tauchzentrum, Amed

Excellent for beginners with zero experience diving and advanced scuba divers who prefer to go on their own, Amed Scuba Tauchzentrum is one of Bali's favorite diving schools for visitors. Their diving masters are very friendly and knowledgeable and provide clean and well-maintained equipment for the safety of their divers. Plus, the location is like no other. The submarine in Amed is like a page from a fairy tale; it's just magical to watch schools of tuna and mackerel blush around you as you swim your way. At one point, you will have fun at all the clownfish catching sight of outside the polyps, and at the next moment, you will find yourself bored swimming along the barracuda. You're safe and secure in good hands, though.

Bali Jet Dive Set and Marine Sports, Tanjung Benoa

For those who are thirsty for shock, head to the Bali Jet Set south of Bali to experience a number of heart-pumping water activities. The cheapest packages start with flying fishing, jet ski and a choice between parasailing or banana boat riding for $ 70 per hour per person. You can also customize your pack to include other exciting activities, including snorkeling, sliding, dolphin watching and scuba diving. The Bali Jet Set also has a honeymoon package, which is all-inclusive of your choice between fishing, snorkeling or diving and a romantic beach dinner set for two at dusk.

Chez Monique Silver Smith Class, Ubud

Are you struggling to find the best souvenir for your trip to Bali? At Ubud, there is a small smith silver workshop located at the back of a highly hidden family compound that teaches guests to make their own silverware and lets them save. Chez Monique is a little hard to find, but a taxi driver will know the way. The class starts with you taking a look at some pictures of rings and pendants for inspiration and then drawing your pattern on paper, which will be transferred to silver by silver smiths. Next, you are taught how to fill, seal, and engrave your jewels before going to the experts for finishing touches. For obvious reasons, they don't allow beginners to play with their fingers, so please don't complain if they don't let you do everything. If you're lucky, you'll be the only one there to get all the attention you need from your teachers. You can also call ahead to schedule classes.