Buses to Cambodia – A Scenic Attraction to New Asia?


When the first of the Bohemians began to rediscover the Cambodian kingdom after the Vietnam War, the use of the term roads was simply an easy way to say improved tracks of endless meat; crankshaft, crunchy beetroot candy, at that

One soon to be declared a major stage attraction millions of years into production, is the road between Sre Amble and the Thai border at Had Lek as you navigate one of the largest jungle primary forests, with only a few looted, left in world. This vast tract covers millions of acres, with some water flowing very distinctly. You will be amazed by the patches of thick leaves that fade from black and silver to gray that eventually join the clouds with little if any sign of the presence of housing.

Today 3 of the 4 main bridges that were memorable river crossings in the past are open with the 4 promising to be online by the Khmer New Year. The adventure of these river crossings will be lost while at the same time it will be possible to make it from Phnom Penh to Bangkok in just over 12 hours; today the best you can do is about 16 hours.

Considering the distance traveled, the bus ride is still the cheapest way to get to Bangkok, expect to pay anywhere from $ 25 to $ 30 for example from Phnom Penh to Bangkok compared to $ 75 + with tariffs airport additional fuel tax for cheap flights to Air Asia or Bangkok Air.

Enjoying the scenery has always been one of the real treasures of Cambodia's journey as you slide along shimmering rice paddies with sugar palm passages that allow you to take mental pictures for lasting memories of this exotic land.