Denver's Top 3 Dollar Movie Theaters

There are a large number of theaters in Denver. Unfortunately, movie ticket prices have gone up over time, so it is sometimes nice to have a night out in the cinema without selling the first one. Traditional Denver dollar theaters are a nice solution to have a movie date for 2 for less than $ 20. Usually, "dollar" theaters later show films executed for as little as $ 2.50 for a sophomore. There are only a few of these low-cost theaters in the Denver Metro area. So where can a Denverite go to enjoy a free movie?

1. Elvis Cinemas Tiffany Plaza

Elvis Cinemas Tiffany Plaza, also known as Tiffany Plaza Movies 6 is located on Tamarac and East Hampden Ave. Movies are $ 2.50 to watch the mainstream mainstream movies and $ 3.50 during prime time. Movies are not the latest releases, however they are a month or two after the latest releases. There are no stadium seating as well as high-end digital sound, so you won't have the same movie experience as you would at the last AMC theater reunion. This theater is also not the cleanest out there and the ambient noise is a little higher than your main theaters, but it is certainly a free night out … especially if you screw in your snacks, however the concession prices are such low, really not worth the effort.

2. Elvis Cinemas Littleton

This is an older theater located near Kipling and Bowles. Unlike the main theaters, and you buy your tickets at the concession stand along with your snacks, but the price of tickets and snacks is also very affordable. The ticket price is $ 2.50 for a graduate and $ 3.50 for primetime. Concessions are very reasonable too and for this theater, a night for 2 could easily be under $ 20.

The theater may be a little on the dirt side compared to your modern theaters. There is no stadium seating available as this is an older theater, so don't sit behind a tall person.

3. Arvada Elvis Cinemas

If you are one who does not need to see a movie on the night's debut, you can go to Arvada and catch a movie at Elvis Cinemas in Arvada (located at 64 and Sheridan). As with other dollar theaters, it also has no stadium seating, however this theater is relatively clean. The concessions are reasonably priced than you would find in most theaters, so an evening for 2 could end up at $ 15 including concessions. Tickets at this theater cost $ 2.50 for a sophomore and $ 3.50 for prime time, which is the same as the other 2 theaters.

As you can see, the concept of the Denver Dollar Theater has really turned into a $ 2.50 theater because of inflation, but compared to the $ 10.50 you pay for a movie ticket, you will certainly save a lot of money per night in the movie. Even the price of concessions in these theaters is much cheaper than what would be charged in regular theaters. Most of the films that have been playing in these theaters for several months have already been removed from the mainstream theater circuit, but have not yet been released on DVD. So, to enjoy a free night in Denver cinema, these theaters are a great solution.